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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vegetarian to Vegan: What Will Chucky Miss The Most?

"It's not always where you've been.  It's sometime where you are going which leaves the best impression."
Au revoir my fine non-vegan friends!  It’s with mixed emotions that I transgress into the wonderful lifelong journey of veganism.

For every item that I find myself missing, I just know that I shall discover a wonderful new delicious & healthy vegan dish which easily replaces it.  A placebo perhaps but well worth my healthy journey that awaits me.
Oh?  Vegetarian (lacto ovo vegetarian) items that I shall miss?  There are fewer that I expected but some of them nonetheless.  And… they are:

·  Quorn products – Great news on the horizon.  According to their web site they now offer a vegan “The Vegan Burger” in the US and are developing further vegan products in the future!  Oh happy day! 

·  Local free-range organic chicken eggs, over easy will be a toughie – Sadly there shall never be a replacement?  One can only wish, dream and hope though. 

· Artisan, blue, feta, and aged cheese – Luckily, some of the vegan “standard” cheeses are decent substitutes but I’ll be limited to Swiss, cheddar, mozzarella, and the like.

·  Johnny’s Potato Soup mix – certainly there exists a vegan alternative of similar stature. 

· Publix Greenwise brand breakfast sausage and links – I’ve already prodded Publix Corporation and their Greenwise supplier of the need for vegan choices.  The response I got was promising if other vegans would likewise make such requests.  It’s all about supply and demand people!
I promise to add to this list as I encounter other “bumps” on the vegan highway.

Hi-dee hi-dee I-can't-hardly-wait-until-I-find-myself-walking-this-new-path-ho my friend!

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