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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Newsflash from Chucky and Tiffany

"Show me a vegetarian and I'll show you someone who's saved a few lives."
 - Chucky - The Fat Vegetarian

Hello!  Salutation!  And general expressions of well wishes and fond greetings my friend.

Just where the heck have Chucky and Tiffany been?  As I last left you in October 2012, I landed a dream job.  Guess what?  It's even better than I fathomed and I consider myself the luckiest man alive when I arrive at the office each day.  Yeah ~ it's that good.

The newsflash?  Over the past week both Tiffany and I have decided to take a leap of faith and become vegan!  It's going to take a while however.  We're wrapping up the vegetarian (non-vegan) food stuffs which we currently have.  However, we now purchase vegan foods and attempt to go non-GMO wherever we are afforded the choice.

I'd speculate that by three to six months, I may be able to "officially" call myself a vegan.  I suspect that educating myself when dining out will prove to be the most difficult hurdle to jump.  But, time shall tell.

No more cheeses.  No more eggs over easy.  No more vegetarian Quorn products.  No more Publix brand Greenwise vegetarian products.  So many changes ahead.

However, on a great note.  There are satisfactory egg replacements.  There are some relatively decent vegan cheeses which melt and taste alright.  There are product lines which are mostly (if not entirely) vegan ~ Field Roast and Gardein brands, for example.

I'd ask that you wish my luck but you won't have to.  My mind is made up.  'Tis the vegan lifestyle where we shall go.

Psst... I'll do a better job at dropping a blog line, okay?    

Hi-dee hi-dee can-it-continue-to-keep-getting-better-ho my friend?

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  1. Just discovered your blog and I love it. So it's about 6 months later...hows the vegan life?