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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Return to JT's Seafood Shack, Palm Coast, Florida

"I wouldn't eat a hamburger for 40,000 dollars."

Hello my friend!  May this day only be outdone by tomorrows.  Share a smile and tread lightly on this wonderful planet of ours.

Huh?  What's this?  Say, Chucky ~ what do we have going on here?  It's beginning to feel a little like "Burgerpalooza".  Yesterday a blog posting on Eat More Produce's Oat Patties and now another blog posting on JT's Seafood Shack's Veggie Burger.  What gives my 4-foot tall plastic bubble headed friend?

Can you say "sheer coincidence"?  I'm going back through some saved photos and posting events from days gone by.  Today's blog post happens to be from a visit to  JT's Seafood Shack which Tiffany and I had on our way home from St. Augustine via State Road A1A along the Atlantic coast.  It was back in February and was a most beautiful day.

$6.75 at JT's Seafood Shack will get you all of this!  Simply amazing, huh?

In honesty, this was our third trip back to JT's Seafood Shack and the Boca Burger has been different each visit.  During our first-time visit we were served the most amazing Boca burger that we had ever eaten.  We were truly excited to be so close to veggie burger nirvana!  A thick juicy veggie burger having a texture amazingly like its original counterpart (the animal flesh, er... hamburger).

Sitting in front looking towards the back room and kitchen area.

We arrived early before actual lunch opening.  Sadly, JT's no longer is doing the breakfast.  It certainly was not for the lack of patronage so it must have been because of the inherently low breakfast menu profit margins and that inevitable period of lull between serving breakfast and the lunchtime crowd?  I feel so fortunate to have experienced the JT breakfast era as the morning food is as incredible as the lunchtime menu!

A look from across JT's most excellent restaurant.

On this visit we were served two standard Boca patties stacked onto the bun with all of the accompanying items:  red onion, lettuce, tomato, and pickle slices.  We asked the waiter why the difference from our last visit and he did not have a clear answer as he was new to JT's.

Tiffany recalls the waitress during our first visit explaining that they were temporarily out of Boca patties and were substituting another veggie patty.  Whatever the substituted patty, it was incredible!  The double stacked Boca patties were perfectly fine.  Just not something over the top like we were served during visit #1.

Excuse me as I salivate while typing this blog post.

We have been back once since this visit and, yet again, we were served something slightly different!  Oh, it was an original Boca burger but it was really thick.  About the same thickness as the two stacked standard Boca patties which we ate the prior visit.

However, on a good note, we truly enjoyed every veggie burger that we have been served at JT's Seafood Shack.  After all, who would even expect a fish restaurant to accommodate us vegetarians?  In my humble opinion, this in itself is a most wonderful thing.

In every case the vegetarian burger offered by JT's was tasty, cooked to perfection, accompanied with all of the trimmings, served with an overly generous portion of French fries, and provided at a cost that simply cannot be beat.  We simply LOVE this place!

Psst... Tiffany and I already have our next trip planned for JT's Seafood Shack in Palm Coast, Florida.  Perhaps we'll see you there?  Just look for the little plastic bubble-headed couple sitting at a table up front.  We'll be ordering vegetarian and drooling when our food has been served.  Bon appétit!

Hi-dee hi-dee who-really-needs-ground-animal-flesh-anyway-ho my friend?

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